Evangelist Ann Jones, President

The Missionary Ministry serve as the place for all missionaries within partnering churches to coordinate their efforts on the Associational level to reach our communities and support foreign missions as we minister to those in need.


Missionary Ministry Resource Guide 

One of the goals of the Missionary Ministry for 2016 is to compile and publish services provided through local agencies and  our local churches. With this information at hand, we are hoping that joint efforts will allow us to serve more people and have a larger impact on helping those in need.

Please report any changes or updates to Rebecca Steed ([email protected]) our secretary. We will be able to maintain an up-to-date document by electronically making changes as needed. Any portion of the document can be printed.

To access the resource guide, please click here.


Foreign Mission Support

The Wateree Baptist Association Upper Division (WBAUD)  identify each year foreign mission projects to support. There are annual fundraising events to raise funds to send as financial support: Rainbow Tea held the fourth (4th) Saturday of April and the World Day of Prayer held the first (1st) Monday in November.

Projects assisted in the past:

E&M Convention Team Haiti 2016 (;

Teen Mother’s Project (Click here to read the quarterly report.) Kampala, Uganda; and Foreign Mission identified by the E&M Convention ( For 2016, the Association sent $500 to the Teen Mothers Project which is equivalent to $1,600 in Ugandan currency

2016 ESHE Report – To view, please click here.